Some Preliminary Assumptions


One underlying assumption for this new Centered endeavor is that all followers of Jesus Christ are, for as long as they have life and breath, members of the earthly Church Militant.  In other words, we are engaged in a battle against evil—particularly the evil we find within ourselves—that will only end with our individual deaths or the triumphant Return[1] of the Lord. 

A second assumption is that most of us will be limited to local influence: local community, local economy, local congregation, local schools, local governments, etc.  Some of us may be tempted to aspire to greater or broader influence but the focus here will be the light we can shed or the saltiness[2] we can contribute close to home.  What the Lord does with our efforts is His business alone.

[1]Greek: Parousia

[2]Matthew 5:13-14f.

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