New 9-11?


How many of us gasped in horror when we witnessed state legislators applauding and cheering as a law was passed allowing the murder of children in the womb up to (and perhaps beyond) the moment of birth?  But, let us consider: what sorts of sincerely-held moral beliefs could lead an elected representative to advocate such a law?  Or, what political pressures have been brought to bear?  Pro-life advocacy has been dynamic and strident for decades but what steps can we ordinary followers of Jesus suggest or model to shift the debate toward mercy and respect for all human life today?

Even more critically, have we understood the utter loneliness and agony of a woman who feels trapped by a pregnancy?  Have we exhausted the possibilities for reaching out to her and helping her?  Have we offered the most effective resources–time, talent, treasure–to help her cope and overcome?

Then, on another extreme, can we comprehend the perspective of women who simply want to be “in charge of their own bodies,” including the license to have sex whenever and with whomever they fancy?  We should never be surprised or shocked by selfishness (or idolatry in its countless forms).

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