One of the more common charges made against American society in these tumultuous times—even in public prayer—is that we suffer from systemic racism, systemic injustice, systemic police brutality, etc.  What is meant, apparently, is that these defects are fundamental components of our national institutions.  And furthermore, the underlying charge is that these social, economic or … Read moreSystemic?


Currently, the most-persecuted religious group in the world is the Christian church.  A new low was reached the day after Christmas with the release of a horrible video allegedly showing members of ISIS in Nigeria brutally murdering eleven Christian men.  The point is not that persecution of Christians is especially evil or repellent, but rather … Read moreMartyrs

Racism Ascendant?

What truly is the meaning of the word “racist”?  Does criticizing–or simply disagreeing with–someone of a color or ethnic group different from one’s own–merit the charge of racism?  Or, do valid definitions of racism proceed from any aggrieved party’s perceptions at a given place and time?  Is it possible for someone other than a “white”[1] … Read moreRacism Ascendant?