One of the more common charges made against American society in these tumultuous times—even in public prayer—is that we suffer from systemic racism, systemic injustice, systemic police brutality, etc.  What is meant, apparently, is that these defects are fundamental components of our national institutions.  And furthermore, the underlying charge is that these social, economic or … Read moreSystemic?

The Criminal Element

Twenty-first century western discourse avoids pejorative words and expressions at almost all costs.  Rioting, vandalism, burning, stealing and even murder are generally identified, with great apparent sadness and regret, as “tragedies” or “disasters” rather than what they truly are: crimes.  Those who express their inner frustrations or selfish desires by “acting out” in a criminal … Read moreThe Criminal Element

Church Militant?

Some may find the descriptive phrase “Church Militant”[1] offensive, given the obvious connection with all things military, including the countless imperfections, tragedies, and horrors of ordinary war.  However, the phrase may also be accurately rendered as “Church Struggling” or “Church Striving.”  Inherent in the concept is a bias for action.  Like it or not, we … Read moreChurch Militant?