Freedom of Worship vs Freedom of RELIGION

Just the other day we received Open Doors USA’s[1] World Watch List 2019, their annual publication regarding the persecution of Christians around the world.  Their statistical summary is reproduced here.  Suffice it to say, for now, that things are not getting better.  A great deal of very specific prayer is urgently needed! A few years … Read moreFreedom of Worship vs Freedom of RELIGION

The Criminal Element

Twenty-first century western discourse avoids pejorative words and expressions at almost all costs.  Rioting, vandalism, burning, stealing and even murder are generally identified, with great apparent sadness and regret, as “tragedies” or “disasters” rather than what they truly are: crimes.  Those who express their inner frustrations or selfish desires by “acting out” in a criminal … Read moreThe Criminal Element


When engaged in a discussion of an issue over which we and another person have a strong and emotional disagreement there is an essential baseline from which to proceed.  That baseline can only be achieved when each states the other’s position to the point where the “opponent” indicates that her or his point of view … Read moreListening